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Every year, thousands of preventable forklift injuries put people out of work. Negligence, equipment failure, improper training, and unsafe workplaces contribute to most forklift accidents. If you have been injured in a forklift accident, you deserve expert legal representation from a dedicated forklift injury attorney in the Bronx and all of New York.

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Common Forklift Accidents & Injuries

Forklift accidents can affect both the operator and people nearby. Common forklift accidents include

  • Driving off the edge of a loading dock
  • Being struck, run over, or crushed by a forklift
  • Tipping over while driving (due to overloading)
  • Colliding with a pedestrian vehicle
  • Falling between the loading dock and an unsecured trailer
  • Being hit by materials falling from a forklift
  • Falling from a forklift

Forklifts make light work of heavy jobs. They are a regular fixture on construction sites, warehouses and big box stores. Sit-down high-lift trucks are engineered with weighty counterbalances. This maintains their center of gravity and makes them extremely heavy and high-risk for serious injury.

Injuries from forklift accidents can be serious and have lifelong consequences. Common injuries include lacerations, broken bones, amputation, paralysis, internal organ damage, and traumatic head, neck, and back injuries.

Injuries that aren’t considered severe can still result in multiple days off from work. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, over 9,000 nonfatal workplace injuries with days off from work involved forklifts in 2017. On average, workers in those accidents took approximately two weeks off to recuperate.

Understanding Who is Legally Liable After a Forklift Accident

Construction sites can be inherently chaotic environments with loud noises, large equipment, and many moving parts. These sites often have multiple people working on various components at a time. When a forklift accident occurs, it can be difficult to tell in the immediate aftermath who is at fault. Recollections of the incident may not be clear from person to person.

It is important to enlist the help of a forklift accident attorney to conduct a thorough investigation. We can review all the details of what caused the accident. Figuring out who is responsible will help form a basis for your case.

Typically in these types of accidents, one or more of the following four parties is at fault:

Filing a Lawsuit

A skilled forklift injury attorney can ensure that all parties responsible for your accident are held accountable. Filing a lawsuit makes sure you receive all the compensation you deserve for your pain and suffering.

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