NYC Bike Accident Statistics

Posted on April 9, 2024 by Eric Richman, Esq.

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Research published by Transportation Alternatives and Families for Safe Streets and NYC’s Department of Transportation (DOT) indicates that bike fatalities are higher than ever amid necessary improvements to city bike infrastructure and policy changes. In fact, bike fatalities are at a 23-year high. Of the 30 total fatalities last year, the majority—23—were e-bike riders, with the other seven fatalities being traditional cyclists. 

So, what’s going on? In 2023, the majority of accidents occurred in Brooklyn. According to city data, the five deaths reported this year have occurred in all boroughs of NYC, with the least in Staten Island. A close look at the data reveals that most, at least 94%, bicycle fatalities in 2023 occurred on streets lacking protective bike infrastructure. 

This article will discuss NYC bike accident statistics and explore the main contributors that have led to increasing fatalities in the area. If you or a loved one has been affected by a bike accident in NYC, contact us today for a free legal consultation. 

An Ongoing Problem—Lack of Protected Bike Infrastructure

Despite efforts to improve safety, New York City continues to be criticized for not being sufficiently bicycle-friendly, evidenced by the rising number of cyclist fatalities. However, NYC has been actively upgrading its bicycle infrastructure, with the Department of Transportation installing a record 31.9 miles of protected bike lanes last year—the most in a single year.

However, the NYC 2024 Streets Plan Update Report shows that while the city planned to build 30 miles of protected lanes in 2022, it fell short by 3.7 miles. It also sought to raise the bar in 2023 with a 50-mile target. The completion of 31.9 miles in 2023 reflects definite progress. Yet, this number did not meet its intended benchmark. With an average annual benchmark of 50 miles set for the 2022-2026 period underway, it’s become clear that continued and more aggressive improvements in cycling infrastructure still need to be made. 

NYC Bike Accidents Statistics—The Critical Need for Bicycle Safety

While the recent NYC bike accident statistics are grim, these stats are juxtaposed with a decline in overall traffic and pedestrian casualties. This suggests that while the trend for cyclists is deeply concerning, NYC is ultimately in a transitional phase that will improve safety levels for those on two wheels.

In the meantime, awareness of potential hazards while riding bikes on NYC roads and existing bike infrastructure is of paramount importance. Cyclists, including traditional bicycle and e-bike users, should strive to improve their road safety skills. Further, they should work closely with local organizations and government agencies to advocate for creating and maintaining safer cycling routes and supportive infrastructure.

Cyclist Delivery Workers

Delivery workers in New York City face significant challenges due to busy traffic and dangerous roads. According to recent government estimates, most takeout delivery workers get around on e-bikes. These individuals are at high risk for injury.

More than half of cyclist delivery workers have been injured on the job. Many of these individuals are independent contractors and may mistakenly believe they may not have legal options to pursue financial compensation for their injuries.

We’ve compiled a list of safety tips to help cyclists avoid hazards in New York City. Following applicable laws and regulations can reduce risk and ensure you receive total compensation for injuries and damages under New York’s comparative negligence laws in a personal injury case.

Bicycle Safety Tips in NYC
1. Always stay alert during your ride.
2. Avoid riding a bicycle when influenced by alcohol or drugs.
3. Utilize a bike helmet and protective gear.
4. Dress in vivid colors and equip your bicycle with lights and reflectors for better visibility.
5. Only cross streets at marked intersections
6. Try to use bike lanes for riding if they are available.
7. Refrain from using headphones or hands-free devices while biking.
8. Steer clear of crossing highways with multiple lanes.
9. Signal your turns and stops with hand gestures.
10. Maintain your bike in top condition.
11. Establish eye contact with motorists before crossing.
12. Do not carry passengers unless your bicycle is designed for it.

Have You Been Injured in a Bicycle Accident in New York City?

The most recent NYC bike accident statistics paint a troubling picture for local cyclists. NYC cyclists face landscapes packed with hazards ranging from inattentive drivers to inadequate bike paths, bike lane obstructions, and other dangers. Bicycle accidents frequently lead to devastating, life-changing injuries and, in the worst cases, death. 

If you or a loved one has suffered significant injuries in a bicycle accident in NYC, you’re in the right place. If you have questions about how to file a personal injury lawsuit, potential compensation under the law, or the benefits of working with an expert personal injury attorney in the area, The Law Office of Eric Richman can help. 

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