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    Whenever a person visits a property, they entrust their safety to the property owner and enter with a reasonable expectation that measures are in place to prevent injuries from happening to them. Not all property owners are vigilant and there are cases when people are injured which could have been prevented. 

    Injuries that are the result of a negligent property owner have the potential to affect your ability to work and earn a living. This can include both physical injuries or emotional trauma. The financial consequences may be challenging, and might in turn affect other aspects of life.

    For over two decades, the team at The Law Offices of Eric Richman has ethically fought for the rights of accident victims. We have successfully won millions of dollars in compensation for clients who suffered an injury because of negligence, carelessness, and other misconduct.

    Negligent Security Attorney In Manhattan, Brooklyn And All Of NYC

    The Law Offices of Eric Richman have earned the trust and respect of individuals and families in Brooklyn, Manhattan, and every borough of New York City after years of litigating negligent security cases with a commitment to every victim. Every client at The Law Offices of Eric Richman is assured of ethical and complete dedication to their case, empathy, and compassion, until justice is served.

    Mr. Richman’s expertise has been highlighted by local New York and national media outlets, including The New York Times, New York Daily News, New York Post, and New York Newsday.

    What Is Considered Negligent Security?

    In order to prove negligent security, there are four things that have to be successfully proven:

    1. The owner of the property was responsible for the care and protection of the plaintiff;
    2. The property owner neglected this responsibility by failing to take reasonable steps to provide sufficient security;
    3. The property owner’s negligence led to the plaintiff’s injury;
    4. The plaintiff suffered damages.

    In proving the case, factors such as the following might play a crucial role:

    • Poor lighting or visibility;
    • Absence of security systems or security guards;
    • Inadequately trained or equipped guards/doormen;
    • Lack of fencing;
    • Broken or missing door locks.

    Common Negligent Security Lawsuit Injuries

    As a result of an owner’s negligence, a victim on their property might suffer any number of injuries. These include wrongful death, rape and sexual assault, robbery, fights, shootings, stabbings, and others.

    Negligent Security FAQs

    Every case is unique. This is not attorney or legal advice. In order to make a full and proper determination regarding your time to file suit, please contact The Law Offices of Eric Richman.

    • What Is Negligent Security?

      This is a case that arises when it is proved that a victim has suffered an injury while on the premises of a property owner. To start with, the property owner must owe a duty of care to the victim. In other words, the victim’s safety must legally be in the property owner’s hands. Secondly, it should be proved that the property owner did not take reasonable steps to protect the victim’s safety, and this led to the harm the victim suffered. 

    • What Are Examples Of Negligent Security?

      There are many different situations in which claims can occur. In general, a property owner is required to prevent any foreseeable crime on their property. The failure to do so is negligent. For example, a mugging that takes place in a poorly lit parking lot with few or no security guards, injuries from a fight in a nightclub that security was unable to control, broken gates or fences that fail to provide adequate safety for visitors, or a shooting or stabbing that takes place in a mall.

    • Is Negligent Security Applicable In New York?

      New York’s premises liability law requires property owners to provide some minimum protection to visitors on their property. So, while they may not be held liable for every assault committed on their premises, they are required to take precautions to protect their visitors.

    • What Is New York’s Statute Of Limitations For Negligent Security Cases?

      In New York, the Statute of Limitations for negligent security cases is generally three years. 

      However, this also depends on a number of other factors. For wrongful death, the case must be filed within two years of the person’s passing. This could become more complicated if there are several parties in the case, or if the government is being sued. If the injury occurred in a government building or on public property, it might be required to notify them before taking legal action. Additionally, there’s a one-year time limit for assault cases.

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