DISCLAIMER: The following recommendations are general guidelines and can’t be applied to every situation – please contact a professional lawyer for more information.

If an injured party is contacted by a trucking company’s insurance provider, it is important to stay calm, be polite and write down the name, job title and company name of the person you are speaking with over the phone.

At the same time, it is recommended that you give the minimum amount of details by only stating your name, address and phone number if it is required. It is not recommended to disclose any information about the accident, any injuries you sustained or any insurance claims. To avoid situations where the insurance company continues calling, the best practice is to end the conversation appropriately by letting the insurance adjuster know that they will be contacted if needed.

A person is only legally required to speak with representatives from their own insurance company. If a person is uncomfortable speaking with the trucking company’s representative, they can decline the opportunity to speak and direct them to the representatives from their own insurance company. In addition, you can politely inform them that any further engagement will only occur in the presence of a lawyer.