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    Scaffold Accident Lawyer in the Bronx and All of NYC

    Commonly referred to as “sidewalk sheds,” scaffolding is one of the most prevalent pieces of equipment on New York streets and construction sites. The workers who use scaffolds for their jobs, and the passersby who travel near or under it, may be at risk of injury.
    If you or a loved one have been injured in a scaffold accident, contact a New York scaffold accident lawyer at the Law Offices of Eric Richman. Our dedicated legal team may help you recover damages for your pain and suffering.

    Common Causes of Scaffold Accidents

    Common causes of scaffold accidents include:

    • Inadequate scaffold construction
    • Overloading platforms
    • Scaffolding built with defective parts
    • Poor maintenance
    • Collisions with support beams (by vehicles, other equipment, etc.)
    • Items falling from a the platform and striking someone
    • Slipping and falling from a scaffold
    • Electrocution when a scaffold comes into contact with a live power line

    In the event of an injury while using a scaffold, it is essential that you contact a scaffolding injury attorney.

    In 2020, the New York Times reported that over 300 miles of scaffolding exist in NYC, much of it in Manhattan. Over half of all construction workers do their jobs on scaffolds every day, in addition to window washers and painters who must reach great heights to complete their work. For these reasons, scaffold accidents are common occurrences throughout the city, resulting in serious injuries and even death every year.

    When a scaffold isn’t properly assembled or maintained, people get hurt. Scaffold accidents can cause traumatic brain injury, electrocution, spinal cord injuries and paralysis, broken bones, and more.

    Workers and other people negatively impacted in a scaffolding accident may have the right to recover damages from the responsible party. An experienced and dedicated scaffold accident attorney can help you navigate the legal hurdles to build a strong case for compensation.

    Understanding Who is Legally Liable After a Scaffold Accident

    Compliance with OSHA standards can prevent scaffold accidents that result in injury or death. Unfortunately, not all employers or manufacturers maintain their safety equipment to the regulated standards.

    The following parties may be held legally liable for a scaffold accident:

    • Manufacturers

      Specific laws surrounding scaffold platforms, guardrails, footings, and capacity limits exist to ensure manufacturer compliance, but these regulations are not always strictly followed. If defective or malfunctioning equipment results in a collapse, the producer or distributor may be held liable.

    • Construction company

      The construction company requiring workers to use a scaffold must ensure that it is properly inspected, maintained, and repaired. These companies may also be in charge of making sure employees are adequately trained in erecting, moving, operating, disassembling, and maintaining scaffoldings. If they cut corners and an accident happens, they may be sued for damages.

    • Project manager

      Workers in supervisory roles on a construction site, like a project manager or project engineer, are tasked with daily inspections of scaffolding equipment. They are also often in charge of approving any changes made to a scaffold and ensuring scaffolding platforms are clear of debris, snow, ice, oil, and other hazardous substances. If their negligence or oversight results in an accident, they may be held responsible.

    • Employees or contractors

      Individual workers, independent contractors, or other people involved with scaffolding accidents may be held liable if you can prove their negligence or actions led to injury. For example, if a delivery driver crashes into a scaffold causing it to collapse and injure the worker on it, they may be liable for damages.

    Filing a Lawsuit

    Those suffering after a scaffold accident may experience physical and emotional trauma for months and years to come. Suing the responsible party for compensation may help address the financial toll of covering medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other costs.

    Contact the Law Offices of Eric Richman to talk to a scaffold accident lawyer in New York City today. Our experienced and knowledgeable legal team can investigate your claim and assemble a solid lawsuit against the responsible party.

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